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 Tuesday 29 - Thursday 31 August
Dream it. 
Believe it. 
Achieve it.
Learn the practical skills to direct your mind and energy so that you successfully manifest the life of your dreams!

Are you tired of watching others dreams come true whilst you wait patiently on the side lines, feeling like you YET AGAIN picked the short straw?

"Why do good things always happen for other people but not for me?" you ask yourself.

You know that if you TRY HARDER, you should be able to make it happen... but you are TIRED of trying harder!

You are tired of TRYING to make it happen! (I get that!)

"There must be another way." is a thought you have had more than once.

And that's probably why you have landed here.

Because there IS another way.

Congratulations! You have successfully manifested the guidance you need to help you to achieve your greatest dreams!!!

Now let me help you to achieve them!

Hi I'm Niamh!
(prounounced "Neeve")

I'm a coach and coach trainer and founder of The Fired-Up Coaching Academy, a self-coaching program with an optional coach certification. 

I LOVE to tap into the incredible support that is available to us on this crazy journey called life.

I love to contemplate POSSIBILITIES for myself and for my clients!

NEWSFLASH: Everything is possible when you want it badly enough and when you understand the power of manifestation.

I learned that fact after *A LOT* of pushing, a LOT of struggling and a LOT of deflation.

I was 30 lbs heavier than I am now. I was in a job where my creativity and self-expression were in famine and in a marriage with a great man, but it was wrong for us both (though we did create 3 incredible children together so no mistakes were made!!!).

Courage, the desire for a better life experience and dogged determination have led me to who and where I am now.

I'm in the best shape of my life, I feel healthier and more energized than ever, I ADORE my work and I feel more FIRED-UP than I have ever felt in my life about my future!!!

Honestly, that is the way it should be in our 40s, our 50s and actually even well into our 70s, our 80s and our 90s if we take good care of ourselves!

But the reality is that many women my age are stuck in dead-end jobs, dead-end marriages and are getting physically and mentally sicker by the day.

In this free 3-day training, I will share with you how you can ESCAPE all that is not working for you so that you create the life, the business and the body that you feel FIRED-UP about!

It all starts with changing your mind.. and I cannot wait to share with you how that's done without robbing a bank, a boyfriend, a business or a body!

‘Your life is shaped by your mind: you become what you think’.
- Buddha

In this powerful 3-day training you will learn exactly how to:

Dream it.

 Know that you are a powerful being and your dreams can come true!

Believe it.

Learn how to powerfully strengthen your belief in your power to manifest.

Achieve it.

Learn powerful manifestation strategies to achieve your biggest dreams.

I could say SO MUCH MORE about the content, but you will discover it all when you watch the trainings.

The only thing I will say is that the teachings of Neville Goddard have had a huge influence on my life, so be prepared to learn a bit about his incredible wisdom.

Now go ahead and sign up to get instant access to all the replays and the gifts. 

Have a pen and paper with you whilst you watch the replays and most importantly, have an open mind.  

Prepare to have your mind and your life changed forever!

** PLUS - HUGE bonus: when you sign up, you'll get my Future You Journaling Blueprint which will help you to get crystal clear on your vision before you embark on your 3-day training journey.