Ready to...
Get Fitter And Healthier Than You Have Ever Been?
Are you done with half-hearted efforts to take care of your body?

Tired of not making your health and energy levels your highest priority?

Are you ready to claim the transformation that you know is available for you but it has felt too hard to claim so far?
I want to help you to not only get fit and drop excess weight in a healthy way, but to feel BETTER than you have felt in years! 

Are you ready?
Fired-Up Fitness is a monthly membership where you will get to learn cutting edge information about efficient fat-loss and strength-training. But more importantly, you will learn how to OVERCOME yourself! Information does not bring transformation, mindset support does.

The truth is that even though the 'how to' is really important and you get instant access to all of that, it's not usually what holds us back.
When we choose to do what it takes to transform our body into the body we want, we come up against challenges.

The mind resists change. The body wants the cake!

That's why so much of this program and support is about working on your mindset as well as your habits.

You will only succeed if you TRULY WANT TO. 

Knowing WHY you want to and staying radically committed to that why is what will bring your successful transformation.

That's why I'll be reminding you WHY you want this... OFTEN.


That means you can leave at any time.... but you wont want to ;-).

Here's what you'll get when you sign up:

Immediately upon sign-up, you will receive a link to the content portal where you gain access to 30+ bite-size lessons  and lots of resources that contain all the information you need for your transformation.

This is what it looks like on the inside:

And there's more...
As well as the 30+ powerful lessons which you will have LIFETIME access to, you will also get access to a private Facebook group where I will support you with your PERSONAL body transformation goal (everyone's goal is different).

In addition, I share a weekly livestream where I will dive into a different health & fitness topic every Monday. You can attend live and get your questions answered or catch the weekly replay. 

I will also be sharing my personal muscle growth and fat-loss journey on that livestream which will detail how I'm preparing for competition level next year in the healthiest way possible.

There really is no other program on the market that offers you such personalized support for such a low investment!

And for a limited time, there's even more....


 During that call, I will help you to get super clear on the meal and fitness plan that will work best for your way of eating and your lifestyle. 

I will be thrilled to support you!

Meet Niamh
(It's pronounced "Neeve")
  • Aspiring bikini competitor (planned for 2024!) with a passion for strength-training, hormonal balance and great gut health
  • ​Badass mindset coach and recognized as one of Geneva's TOP coaches by Influence Digest
  • ​Growth mindset geek with a penchant for chocolate, coffee, Ben & Jerry's ice-cream and a good apèrol spritz on a sunny lake-side terrace on lake Geneva.
I started my first coaching certification in 2009 and left a life of frustration and misalignment behind! 

It helped me find the courage to listen to myself and to make the changes I needed to make.  Having decided that I wanted to create a fired-up life for myself, I decided also to transform my body. Although I have been passionate about nutrition and fitness for years, I just started strength-training seriously one year ago! It's been an incredible journey, not always easy,  which I share inside Fired-Up Fitness. I will continue to share my journey as I do what it takes to get 'stage lean'. I am preparing myself for an even higher level of discipline in the coming months as I prepare to compete next year.


Discipline is not just for a rare breed of human.

Discipline is for EVERYONE that wants it.

Discipline comes from wanting what you want badly enough.

And believing you can achieve it.

Because you really want the result.

Discipline comes from raising the standard you have for yourself and claiming the version of you who has that standard.

Discipline comes from understanding the benefits and rewards of doing what it takes.

The more of a positive association that you can link to the discipline, the more likely you are to continue with it.

I'd love to help you!

want to join me on my fired-up fit journey?
The decision is now.


1. What can I expect to get from this program?

Not only will you get all the knowledge and information you need for your journey, you will get weekly guidance on a meal and fitness plan that will work specifically for you, based on your needs and your schedule. If you show up each week, you will make the gradual habit shifts that will lead to the transformation you want.

2. I'm a vegan. Is this program right for me?

This program is suitable for every dietary preference - except the sugar diet ;-).

3. I can't get to the gym. Can I workout at home?

Absolutely! Although your transformation may not be as dramatic, you will for sure transform through with body weight workouts and minimal workout equipment.

4. I only have 15 minutes per day for exercise. Is that enough?

If that's all you've got, we will work with that. Your meal plan is what will cause the greatest transformation. In fact, food changes will account for up to 80% of your result.

5. Is this program open to men too?

Absolutely! However, the current Facebook group is women only. I will be very happy to add a male Facebook group if there is demand.

6. When does this program start?

You can start anytime you want. The content is self-paced and the weekly calls happen every Monday. If you join NOW you will get a bonus 1:1 call with me! (Expires September 30th)

7. This sounds good but I feel like I need more personalized support.

I would highly recommend that you then join my Fired-Up Life membership program then instead. As part of Fired-Up Life, you submit a weekly accountability sheet and get a weekly voice-message from me. You benefit from 2 weekly group support calls and free access to Fired-Up Fitness. You also get some 1:1 call time with me depending on which subscription you choose. Check my website for other support options, including VIP level 1:1 coaching.

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