Are you an ambitious go-getter who craves success but it still feels out of reach?

You are so willing to play like the other A-players, yet it feels like you're stuck on the sidelines?

Tired of what feels like an uphill battle on your path to achieving your dreams?

Ready to stop settling for mediocre and to FULLY claim the fired-up life that is waiting for you?

It's time to unlock your true potential and to get excited for your success!

I've been where you are my friend.

Unhappy in work...

Unhappy in my relationships...

Unhappy in my body...

Life felt HARD!

It all changed when I decided to choose my own hard instead of letting life choose it for me... when I decided to claim...


Life is hard.

That's a fact.

When you accept that fact and work with it, it instantly becomes easier.

When you also accept that you get to CHOOSE your hard, it becomes A LOT easier - and more rewarding!

The more prepared you are to do hard things, the more joy, pleasure and fulfillment you will get in return.

Couple your decision to do hard things that will make you feel better, with a committed manifestation practice - and you will be on your way to your FIRED-UP LIFE.
A bit about me:
  • Badass mindset coach 
  • ​Recognized as one of Geneva's TOP coaches by Influence Digest
  • ​Passionate about fitness and health, following my dreams and helping my clients to follow theirs
  • Living in Geneva, Switzerland but working with clients online worldwide since 2014!
I know exactly how to help you to create the life you want!

My superpower is helping people to connect with their true purpose, the one behind the fear and perceived limitations.

I started my first coaching certification in 2009 and left a life of frustration and misalignment behind! 

Coaching helped me to find the courage to listen to myself and to make the changes I needed to make. 

I've taken more than 20 different coach trainings and I'm still learning. Human behavior, the human mind and what motivates us to change are my absolute favorite topics.

Here's the truth...

When you drop your stories about what you can and cannot do and you let go of “people like me can’t claim a fired-up life”, you free yourself up to actually claim it!

  • You are where you are now because of your current beliefs and behaviors
  • Your upbringing and past experiences shaped that up to now, but you can run BRAND NEW PROGRAMMING moving forward...
  • Right now you are actively creating your future through your current beliefs and behaviors.

The question is.... are you ready to claim MORE for yourself?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living a simple life of acceptance if that's what you want, but you are reading this, so I know that you want MORE!

You were born for more and you know it.

So let me help you to choose it...


my 'cancel anytime but you wont want to' monthly...

Membership Program

Inside FIRED-UP LIFE, you will benefit from SO MUCH VALUE. 

Here's what you will get:

🔥 2 x Weekly 1:1 group coaching calls: In these calls, you will get coached by me personally, plus you will learn from the coaching that others in the program will receive too.

🔥 A powerful Manifestation Mastery weekly training delivered to your inbox to help you to manifest the life you want (These trainings are powerful! The first 12 weeks are part of a passive program sold separately for $997!!)

🔥 An instantly accessible content library of powerful 100+ bite-size trainings related to Focus, Discipline, Money Mindset, Alter Ego Mastery, Emotional Intelligence and Mindset Mastery. These lessons are what helped me to transform my life!

 🔥 Free Access to my Fired-Up Fitness monthly membership program: one of the 2 weekly calls will be dedicated to supporting you with improving your physical and mental health through fitness and food habits. The focus in these weekly calls is on improved food habits, better gut health, improved hormonal balance and  a disciplined exercise routine. You'll also get insider updates on my personal journey to compete on stage next year - that's just one of my dreams!

🔥 Weekly Accountability File: Stay on track with a tool designed to measure your progress in manifestation and other key habits. Share your weekly journey with me via email, and receive a personal weekly coaching message from me – because your success matters to me.

🔥 A personal weekly coaching message from me: In addition to group coaching, you'll receive a dedicated weekly coaching message from me directly in your inbox. This message is to additionally support your growth and answer any question you have that you prefer not to share on the group calls.

🔥 Weekly Challenges: These are challenges I will set you to help you to grow. Choosing to do hard things will build your confidence and momentum. You are here to transform and I am committed to supporting you with that at a pace and timing that works personally for you.

This monthly commitment will change every thing for you.  It's a commitment to your future self, to the confident, vibrant, and unstoppable person that you are choosing to become.

Let me help you to release the old programming that's been holding you back, so that you can claim the fired-up version of you behind it .

Through this monthly mastermind, you’ll reprogram your mind, embody your upleveled identity, and master the habits that support your FIRED-UP life. 

And here's the best part:

if it doesn't feel right for you, you get to leave, no questions asked.

There is no obligation to stay beyond the subscription length that you sign up for.

And we get to remain friends even if you leave.

There is nothing worse than being tied into a program that isn't working for you. Trust me, I know this feeling too well!

However, if you know this is right for you and you make a longer term commitment, you will of course be rewarded for that leap of faith!

Investment options

Monthly Renewable Subscription

- plus you get a private 20 minute call with me each quarter

or CHF 259 via TWINT for those based in Switzerland

3-Monthly Renewable Subscription

- a $144 saving plus you get a private 20-minute call with me each quarter!

or CHF 659 via TWINT for those based in Switzerland

6-Monthly Renewable Subscription

- a $485 saving, plus you get a private 20-minute 1:1 call with me each quarter!!
or CHF 1,147 via TWINT for those based in Switzerland

Yearly Renewable Subscription

- a $1,567 saving, plus you get a private 20-minute 1:1 call with me each MONTH!!
or CHF 1,767 via TWINT for those based in Switzerland

This membership program is SO GOOD!

I'm so excited to support you and so confident about your growth! 
Here's how it will work...
Firstly, you will receive your login details to access all the pre-recorded content. Plus you will get the zoom link to log in for the weekly calls.

You will also get week 1 of the Manifestation Mastery trainings. These powerful trainings will be drip-fed each week.

Then I will help you to do a radical overhaul of your beliefs and habits so that they match with that fired-up version of you.

In our weekly 'Fired-Up Life' group coaching calls, I will help you to step into that version of you by adopting the beliefs and habits you defined.

The best part? You get to check-in with me every Saturday or Sunday by email and you get a voice-note back from me on the Monday. 

Please note: voice-memos from clients are not supported in this group program. Text is easier and faster for me to read and I am strict with my time. 

That being said, despite this being a group program, you will get LOTS of support from me and feedback.
This is your defining moment.
The decision is now.


Because right now you will get a lot more 1:1 attention. Their wont be as much 1:1 time if you join later.
 If you are serious about overcoming yourself, then you’ll have my dedicated support with helping you to create your fired-up life!

Q & A

Question 1: What benefits can I expect from this program?

There will be a strong focus on the topic of manifestation. By the end of month 1, you will be a lot more familiar with and confident about your manifestation abilities. Stick around for 6 months or a year and you no doubt be a lot closer to the person you want to be. Your business, your body and your bank account should all be looking better - assuming you do the work ;-).

Question 2: How much notice do I need to give if I need to cancel.

Cancellation must be made at least 48 business hours (excluding Saturdays, Sundays and public holidays) before the next monthly debit is due to be automatically debited.

Question 3: I'm afraid I'm too old, too big, too lazy, too scared to be in this program, but I feel really called to it.

You are worthy and deserving of being in this program! I will work with you at YOUR pace. We can go as fast or as slow as you want. You get to choose.

Question 4: I need rapid transformation. I have serious issues. Can this program help me?

I cannot make any promises unfortunately about the results you will get. But I can promise you that you will get the trainings and coaching support to help you progress. I will no doubt be able to share with you what is holding you back so you will for sure gain increased self-awareness.

Question 5: When do the weekly calls take place

Fired-Up Life calls are on Thursdays at 2pm Swiss time.*

Fired-Up Energy Elevation calls are currently on Mondays at 2pm Swiss time.*

*Both of these times are subject to change if another time suits the majority of participants better.

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