Revolutionize your thinking and your habits for a truly transformative life experience!


How does committing to an exciting goal that feels meaningful and exciting to you sound?

How about easily navigating stress and feel a lot more joy and positivity about your life? 

And imagine if you could tap into the power of the unseen - the quantum field- to help you to manifest it?

If you are tired of not feeling the way you want to, not achieving what you want to achieve and you are ready to really GO FOR IT, then it's time...

It’s time to learn and implement the habits that will transform your life experience in 2024!

If you're ready for a positive change and a revitalized, fired-up YOU, then 2024 is your year!

There is so much that you can do to positively influence your life experience.... let me help you to do that!



This transformative 10-week group coaching program goes way beyond just setting goals—it's about creating new habits that will help you to reshape your entire life and to navigate the tough stuff with greater ease! 

In this profound 10-week group coaching journey together, I will help you to:

1. Define Your True Life Vision: Uncover the life you authentically desire to live right now, breaking free from constraints and self-imposed limitations (we all have them!). Once you are clear on your vision, I will help you to choose the habits that will serve you.

2. Chart Your Long-Term Course: Gain clarity on where you want to be 10-20 years from now and strategically structure your life to ensure that that future direction happens

3. Craft Your Ideal Self: Identify the person you aspire to be. Get clear on what's important to you. Cultivate habits that align with that version of you, ensuring your daily habits lead to genuine personal growth.

4. Radically Eliminate: Remove anything and anyone holding you back from the life you want to live and the person you want to be. This is about clear focus and strong boundaries—to make space for what truly matters to you.

5. Shift Stressful Beliefs: Learn the art of identifying and transforming limiting beliefs and create strong mental resilience.

6. Develop a Growth Mindset: Learn how to use your mind instead of it using you. Become fluent in positive self-talk that accelerates your growth, not hinders it.

7. Meditation Mastery: Develop a powerful meditation practice based on Dr Joe Dispenza's work and tap into the quantum version of you.

8. Embrace the Uncomfortable: Step outside your comfort zone. Harness the incredible growth that comes with embracing discomfort for a greater level of personal achievement.

9. Organized Living: Establish a structured life infused with healthy habits, to enjoy a sense of well-being that radiates through every aspect of your existence.

10. Create A You That You Are Proud Of: Transform into a version of yourself that not only meets but exceeds your expectations. Feel a deep sense of pride in the incredible journey you have undertaken.

Get ready to not just dream about your fired-up life but to actively design and live it.

This is not just a 10-week experience. It will form the basis for powerful new habits that you will implement for the rest of your life.

 This is your invitation to step into a version of yourself that you'll truly be proud of. 

Are you ready to ignite your transformation?

It would be my honor to guide you!

Hi, I'm Niamh (pronounced "Neeve")

I help my clients to live a healthy, fired-up, purposeful life full of powerful transformative habits that they can easily adapt. This usually means more joy, more love and more connection in their lives.

In 2009 I discovered The Work of Byron Katie and later certified in that process. I am also an avid follower of teachers who teach on the unseen. I love to tap into the power of the quantum field and Dr Joe Dispenza has been my best teacher to help me to achieve that.

I'm also a huge fan and student of all the best habits teachings (James Clear, BJ Fogg, Charles Duhigg...)

Healthy mind and body habits will transform your life!

I want to help you to journey into 2024 feeling more confident, more fired-up and more disciplined and more empowered than you ever felt ... no matter what stage of your life you are at right now!
A bit more about me:
  • Badass Mindset Coach 
  • ​Recognized as one of Geneva's TOP coaches by Influence Digest
  • ​Passionate about fitness and health, following my dreams and transcending my ego
My highlight reel:

- a masters in Education

- resided in 7 different countries including my home country of Ireland and my adopted country which is Switzerland.

- a 13 year career with various U.N. agencies in Geneva, mainly in the capacity of a trainer

- a 5-year entrepreneurial stint as the founder of an educational consultancy company called Love To Learn. It specialized in supporting children with dyslexia.

I started my first coaching related certification in 2009 and left a life of frustration and misalignment behind! 

I've taken more than 20 different coach trainings and now I have a coaching academy to train others to become a coach. 

Human behavior, the human mind and what motivates us to change are my absolute favorite topics.
Ignite Your Fired-Up Life

Get ready for a transformative 2024!! When you join this program, you'll embark on a powerful coaching journey designed to help you to love your life and the person you have become. 

Here's how it works

The program kicked off on Thursday 25 January and will run until Thursday 28 March 2024. Even though it started already, you can catch the replays and still join us.

You will get: 

🔥 10 x 60-minute group training sessions: Each week I will cover a topic related to helping you to ignite your fired-up life. Together, we'll clarify your greatest dreams and identify a plan to help you to achieve their fulfillment. 

🔥 Positive Mindset Content Library: Receive instant access to 8 x 30-day incredible programs in a portal that I recorded for a previous program. You can browse through the lessons and choose the ones that will be most helpful to you on your current journey. 

The 8 programs are: 1. Positively Driven; 2. Focus, Discipline And Structure; 3. The Mental Strength Mastery Program; 4. The Alter-Ego Mastery Program; 5. Money Mastery; 6. The Balance Program; 7. Success Habits; 8. LIBERATE Yourself.

The best part is that you receive LIFETIME access to this content ✨.

 Since this program has already started, I'm going to offer you 2 private 60-minute coaching sessions with me personally!!! These sessions can take place during or after the 10-week program.

What Clients are saying...

Working with Niamh has been really transformational. I started with her because I was looking for a fresh start and the confidence to follow my dreams. Niamh has been an incredible guide on my journey.
Since working with Niamh, I've become a lot more focused on my goals. I'm putting everything into my work to make a big impact and shine with what I do. I'm also feeling more positive about the future and am determined to reach as many people as possible through my work. Most importantly, I now believe in myself more than ever. I've let go of my past and have a brighter outlook on my life.
Niamh has helped me become braver and better at setting boundaries. I'm also more health-conscious now, eating better and staying active. I feel supported, both by Niamh and by my own growing self-belief.
I absolutely recommend working with Niamh. She's an outstanding coach who's confident and caring. She creates a safe and welcoming space for her clients. Her passion, knowledge, and commitment are truly impressive.
Niamh has a heart of gold, and her dedication to her clients is inspiring. She encourages us to be ourselves and offers valuable guidance. I'm so grateful for her support.
Working with Niamh truly has changed my life, and I can't recommend her enough. Thank you, Niamh, for helping me realize my potential!

C.F., Ireland

Life helped me learn of Niamh Dee at a time when I was desperate to team up with a coach. It started with an article of hers on LinkedIn and has now grown into a dynamic coach-student relationship I could never have anticipated. Niamh is a shrewd, compassionate, and insightful coach and has helped me tremendously over the course of the last month. The anticipation of an impending coaching call matches a potential lottery ticket winner with just one number to go. I can’t wait to see how she will guide and challenge me throughout the session. Each experience a confidence builder yet hard work is her calling card and the two together are dynamite. She has helped move me along in less than a month more than any professional coach has in all of my years; not even close. To her I owe gratitude for allowing me to be me, yet to drop my ego in the process and it has made all of the difference in the world. Lastly, her availability is the thing I cherish most. Like every needy client, I am always reaching out for guidance and her ability to response quickly and properly is an outstanding trait. All in all I’m so glad the universe guided me to Niamh because working with her has catapulted me forward to a whole new world of possibilities. 

- R.B., U.S.

I had the pleasure of working with Niamh as my coach for a couple of months, and I can't recommend her enough. She helped me discover my true passion for becoming a wellness coach and helping people improve their health through dietary and lifestyle changes by sharing my own story of overcoming RA.

Niamh's support and understanding were truly remarkable. She was there for me every step of the way, even on Sundays when I was going through tough times. Her dedication and commitment to my growth and well-being were evident in every session we had.

What sets Niamh apart is her fun and energetic approach to coaching. She brings a no-nonsense attitude to life, which I found inspiring and motivating. Her positive energy is contagious, and it made our sessions enjoyable and productive.

If you're looking for a coach who will not only support you but also challenge you to reach your full potential, Niamh is the one. I am grateful for the transformational experience I had with her, and I'm confident that she can help others to become clear on their goals and dreams too.

- A.R., Germany

"What an amazing coaching session! You guided me to connect back to me... Simply by asking me to restate it was powerful. Thank you for the penetrating questions, the important insights and the beautiful active listening. And I loved the EGO insight. There has been a shift already!"

- A.T., Geneva
This is your defining moment.
Your decision to IGNITE your Fired-Up Life is now.

Q & A

Question 1: I'm a member of The Fired-Up Coaching Academy. Do I have to pay for this?

No. This program is free for all members of The Fired-Up Coaching Academy. Come join us and you can hang out with us for 52 weeks instead of just 8 weeks - plus you will get access to some other great 10-week programs too, like Fired-Up Coaching Skills, Online Business Building Skills & Fired-Up Fitness & Health (coming in April 2024). You can also receive a Fired-Up Coaching Certification if you fulfill the requirements.

Question 2: This sounds amazing but I'm not sure I can attend the calls live. Will they be recorded?

Yes. Each call will be livestreamed into a private Facebook group that you will have access to, so you can catch the replays. 

Question 3: I'm not sure I'm a fit for this program. What kind of people will join?

Whether you are male, female, young, old, a ballerina or an astronaut - all of that is irrelevant. You will join because my messaging resonates with you and you know I can help you. You will find a tribe of like-minded people from all different backgrounds in the same group. You will for sure have one thing in common: the desire for an elevated life experience.

Question 4: Who is Dr Joe Dispenza?

Dr Joe Dispenza is a New York Times best-selling author, researcher, lecturer, and corporate consultant, whose research has led him to develop a practical form of meditation to transform your life. Check out the hundreds of testimonials on YouTube by searching on 'Dispenza testimonials'. They will blow your mind!