Are you feeling a bit stale? 

Frustrated by the knowledge that you have a MOUNTAIN of untapped potential?

Haunted by the persistent “this is not quite it” voice that won't go away?

Things might look okay from the outside, impressive even, but you know they could be SO. MUCH. BETTER.

Guess what?

That niggling voice is here to stay.

It's your inner-knowing, alerting you that a more meaningful, more impactful, fired-up life mission is calling you.

Ignoring it means settling for a state of stuckness and frustration for the rest of your life.

You have two choices right now: 

Numb out to escape your truth - or- take a leap of faith off your current cliff and boldly unleash your true potential.

Trust that you possess the power within you to adjust your life mission to one that fires you up.

Fear, doubt and limiting beliefs are what are robbing you from it.

Perfectionism is the most destructive force that prevents you from taking that next step.

"I need to be better/do better/have XYZ in place first." 

Your ego thrives on that lie.

Let's break free from its chains shall we?

Let me help you to slow down so that you can speed up.. in the RIGHT direction.

Book a Life-Mission Planning Session with me  and together, we will construct your roadmap to the meaningful, fired-up life you want.

Your current discontent is your summons to action. 

My mission is to serve as the catalyst for purpose-driven impactful leaders like you.

Let's not just talk about change; let's ignite it!

I will help you to unleash your true power and mine the possible out of the seemingly impossible.

Let me help you to meet your edge. 

That’s where the true feeling of fired-up aliveness begins.

Are you ready to claim it?

What Recent Clients Are Saying:

"What an amazing coaching session! You guided me to connect back to me... Simply by asking me to restate it was powerful. Thank you for the penetrating questions, the important insights and the beautiful active listening. And I loved the EGO insight.  There has been a shift already!"
- A.T., Geneva

“That was the most powerful ass-kicking ever…for real. Thanks!”
- G.M., U.S.

Hi, I'm Niamh (pronounced "Neeve")

I've felt stuck and frustrated.

Life felt unfulfilling and hard.

I dreamed of a different life, a life where I got to make my own decisions and impact people more powerfully.

I knew it would be hard to get there, so hard that it maybe wasn't possible.

But I could no longer settle for the way things were.

Everything changed when I decided to choose my own hard instead of letting life choose it for me... 

There is beauty and excitement in that decision. It requires so much of you. But don't you want to become the very best version of you?

If your answer is yes, then let's do this!
A bit more about me:
  • Badass mindset coach 
  • ​Recognized as one of Geneva's TOP coaches by Influence Digest
  • ​Passionate about fitness and health, following my dreams and helping my clients to follow theirs
My highlight reel:

- a masters in Education

- resided in 7 different countries including my home country of Ireland and my adopted country which is Switzerland.

- a 13 year career with various U.N. agencies in Geneva, mainly in the capacity of a trainer

- a 5-year entrepreneurial stint as the founder of an educational consultancy company called Love To Learn. It specialized in supporting children with dyslexia.

I started my first coaching related certification in 2009 and left a life of frustration and misalignment behind! 

I've taken more than 20 different coach trainings and now I have a coaching academy to train others to become a coach. 

Human behavior, the human mind and what motivates us to change are my absolute favorite topics.

Here's the truth...

When you drop your stories about what you can and cannot do and you let go of stories like “it's too late”, you free yourself up to actually claim the mission-driven life you want - no matter what your current situation is!

The question is.... are you ready to claim it?

There is absolutely nothing wrong with living a simple life of acceptance if that's what you want, but you are reading this, so I know that you want MORE!

You were born for more and you know it.

So let me help you to choose it with this short but intensive program.


The Life Mission Planning Session

Get ready to ignite your transformation with the Life Mission Planning session! When you book this session, you'll embark on a powerful coaching journey designed to propel you towards your fired-up mission-driven life. It doesn't begin nor end with your coaching session though.

Here's what you get:

🔥 Dive deep with a pre-call questionnaire: Uncover your deepest dreams in your life and identify what's holding you back. This comprehensive questionnaire will not only help to clarify your vision. It will also ensures our coaching session is tailored precisely to your needs, maximizing every moment.

🔥 A 90-minute life mission coaching session: Get ready for a high-powered, laser-focused coaching session that will take place over Zoom. Together, we'll clarify your true ambitions, strategize your path to your life mission, and identify a plan to achieve its fulfillment.

🔥 Receive 10 days of voice-memo follow-up support: The journey doesn't end with the coaching session – it's just the beginning. For the 10 working days following the session, you will benefit from personalized voice-memo support. This will ensure that the momentum gained during our call propels you towards impactful and transformative actions you committed to during your coaching session. 

🔥 30-Day Mindset Program: Receive a 30-day mindset boost with this pre-recorded program which consists of 30 bite-size lessons which will be delivered to your inbox over 30 days.

What Clients are saying...

The universe helped me learn of Niamh Dee at a time when I was desperate to team up with a coach. It started with an article of hers on LinkedIn and has now grown into a dynamic coach-student relationship I could never have anticipated. Niamh is a shrewd, compassionate, and insightful coach and has helped me tremendously over the course of the last month. The anticipation of an impending coaching call matches a potential lottery ticket winner with just one number to go. I can’t wait to see how she will guide and challenge me throughout the session. Each experience a confidence builder yet hard work is her calling card and the two together are dynamite. She has helped move me along in less than a month more than any professional coach has in all of my years; not even close. To her I owe gratitude for allowing me to be me, yet to drop my ego in the process and it has made all of the difference in the world. Lastly, her availability is the thing I cherish most. Like every needy client, I am always reaching out for guidance and her ability to response quickly and properly is an outstanding trait. All in all I’m so glad the universe guided me to Niamh because working with her has catapulted me forward to a whole new world of possibilities. 

- R.B., U.S.

I had the pleasure of working with Niamh as my coach for a couple of months, and I can't recommend her enough. She helped me discover my true passion for becoming a wellness coach and helping people improve their health through dietary and lifestyle changes by sharing my own story of overcoming RA.

Niamh's support and understanding were truly remarkable. She was there for me every step of the way, even on Sundays when I was going through tough times. Her dedication and commitment to my growth and well-being were evident in every session we had.

What sets Niamh apart is her fun and energetic approach to coaching. She brings a no-nonsense attitude to life, which I found inspiring and motivating. Her positive energy is contagious, and it made our sessions enjoyable and productive.

If you're looking for a coach who will not only support you but also challenge you to reach your full potential, Niamh is the one. I am grateful for the transformational experience I had with her, and I'm confident that she can help others to become clear on their goals and dreams too.

- A.R., Germany
This is your defining moment.
Your decision to leap is now.